Customer Success Stories

SER is all about focus, execution, and getting results. I consider SER to be one of our strategic value add partners and instrumental to our company’s long term growth and success. I would certainly recommend SER to anybody that is looking to build a sales force for their company. Combined with Steve’s background, it’s SER’s partnership approach, availability, and overall dedication to the task at hand that makes them one of the most efficient, top notch recruiting firms in the industry.

Tim Bertrand
VP Worldwide Sales

Sequoia-backed Kenshoo expands in US with SER

Kenshoo, the #1 social advertising firm, expands their coverage model and reaches out to SER.

“We’re all about execution and results,” said Gary Nafus, VP Sales at Kenshoo. “I’ve known SER for a long time and have full confidence in them because they always deliver the best talent on the market. We are very selective here at Kenshoo and only want high end overachievers. SER brings us sales executives who are ranked in the top 5% of sales who also fit our upbeat culture. They understand that every hire is mission critical and timing is everything.”

Gary elaborates, “I really like the fact that SER validates the reps before they send them over and knows many of them personally. I’ve never seen someone with such a strong network across the US as Steve at SER. I know I can rely on SER as we continue to grow and build out our sales organization.”

PeopleFluent makes splash by “retaining” SER for national scale up

HCM leader PeopleFluent attacks US and Canadian marketplace by hiring SER to locate the strategic “swat team.”

PeopleFluent CEO Jeff Carr said, “It’s time to attack the HCM market and bring in a swat team of reps to take on Workday. We need the best reps in the HCM industry and will not settle for anything less. I called Steve and SER because I knew they wouldn’t waste any time and would only deliver true ‘A’ players,” Jeff stated.

“SER took a ‘project-based approach’ to our company which created an immediate funnel of qualified candidates in less than 2 weeks,” he continued. “They have an unmatched network of HCM reps and quickly delivered results. I like their approach of only working with the top 10% of reps and internally validating their candidates. It takes the guesswork out of the equation. We had a very successful experience with SER and will use them again down the road.”

Lithium, laser-focused on hiring, creates alliance with SER

Lithium, a market leader in social collaboration and customer experience management, connects with SER for strategic “targeted” hiring.

Jeff Vasquez, VP Sales states, “We were looking for a specific type of sales rep with set criteria in a targeted geo. There was no time to waste; we needed results and we needed them now, so we called SER. Our CRO Ravi used SER in the past during his time with Ariba with exceptional results.” “SER has proven to be a trusted, reliable partner over the years,” said Ravi.

Jeff continued, “We didn’t have time nor bandwidth to work our networks, scan the market, or misfire. SER delivered top caliber candidates quickly, internally validated them, and assisted us in the final hiring process. They are a true partner to Lithium.”

Alfresco and SER join together to build “Social” sales force.

Alfresco Software, a Social Content Management software firm with more than 3000 customers, was looking to expand their field sales organization. After exhausting their internal network of candidates, they partnered with SER to build the best Social sales force around. “We engaged SER to assist with mission critical field sales roles in various cities in the US including NY and SF. They did an outstanding job of prescreening, internally validating, and landing us the best candidates on the market,” said Martin Musierowicz, GM Americas at Alfresco.

Another critical role came up on the leadership team and again Alfresco turned to SER as a trusted partner. Martin continues by saying, “We were looking for a strategic sales leader in SF and once again, SER delivered by locating our new VP Sales US. They brought us one of the top sales executives in our industry, who was validated by both SER and Alfresco’s Founders. By executing on these critical searches, we remained focused on running our business and planning for the future. SER was very responsive, as I often communicated with Steve after hours on many occasions. They are a valued strategic partner of Alfresco”.

Alfresco continues to look to the future for their mission of becoming the premier “Social Content Management” solution in the industry. The growth will continue in the future in the US and abroad. One thing is certain, that Alfresco and SER will be joined together on this journey for the long term.

Ariba looks to strengthen management team and turns to SER

Ariba, the market leader in “SAAS” based Procurement and E-Commerce software was looking to strengthen their sales leadership team. They turned to SER, a valued strategic partner of more than 10 years. “We needed the best sales executive on the market, someone who could lead, motivate and consistently deliver on the numbers, so we turned to SER. SER delivered a short list of executive sales leaders, prescreened all candidates prior to Ariba Management meeting them, provided executive briefs on all candidates and helped negotiate the selected candidate. They served as a true value-added partner to Ariba”, said Janet Heppner Jones, SVP Sales at Ariba.

Ariba has turned to SER numerous times in the past as part of companywide expansion initiatives. SER has retooled Ariba’s field sales organizations on multiple occasions, always keeping the bar on talent to the top 10% of the market. SER field reps have consistently been ranked #1, #2 or #3 worldwide at Ariba for years. Janet Heppner Jones says, “It’s all about execution, and SER always brings us the best reps on the market, period.”

Xtium partners up with SER to expand sales force

When Xtium, a virtual disaster and cloud-hosting provider in the small and mid-size market, was ready to go to market in the US, they engaged SER. “We needed a strategic partner who could help us out with coverage models, compensation metrics and locating the top talent on the market, that’s why we chose SER,” said Tim Buckley, CEO of Xtium.

Tim continued to elaborate by saying, “SER was conscious of our financial position at the time and recommended a phased in approach for our rollout in the US. They took the time to come in and understand our business and requirements before engaging on the searches. This approach proved to be beneficial and clearly is a true partnership approach with Xtium.”

As Xtium continues to develop additional products and solutions, SER will be a key partner in future market expansions. 2014 will be a critical time for Xtium, as they release a new offering to the market. SER will be there every step of the way with Xtium to provide the talent needed for long term growth and success.

SER builds “high powered” sales force for Box, a cloud based enterprise content sharing platform, turned to SER during periods of explosive growth. Box was facing tight deadlines and a dire need for top sales talent in the Northeast. They turned to SER to quickly assemble a world class sales team to fill key positions for the company’s continued success.

Box Director of Sales, Rich Reinish previously worked with SER CEO Steve Rosenblum. This prior relationship provided Rich with an added comfort level. When Rich asked SER to find the best candidates from Boston to DC, not only did they meet Rich’s expectations, they exceeded them. Rich elaborates on his experience with SER stating, “Working with Steve was a great experience, as he was responsive and provided the best talent on the market.”

Box was extremely impressed by the quality of candidates that SER presented. The tight deadlines and results oriented approach were critical keys to the success of this project. SER’s strategic “partner” based approach allowed them to understand Box’s criteria and deliver in a timely fashion. Rich highly recommends SER to other companies facing high end growth initiatives.

Yammer hits “hyper-growth” and calls on SER

Yammer, the market leader in “Social Collaboration” software undergoes explosive growth and engages with SER. Yammer was undergoing a massive US Field expansion and needed to build a world class sales force in under 90 days, so they turned to SER.

“We didn’t have time to waste, needed the best sales talent on the market, so we called SER. SER’s approach was different than most search firms, as they collaborated with us regarding our coverage model and compensation matrix. We needed to build out our field sales organization in the US from the top down and SER was up to the challenge. They understood our requirements, executed with precision and delivered high caliber VP’s and field sales reps. We were operating under a very tight deadline and time was critical on our US build out. Within a matter of weeks, SER had identified 2-3 strong candidates for each major city in the US, in addition to VP’s in the East, Central and West. I was very impressed with their focus, execution and ability to deliver”, said David O’Brand Chief Revenue Officer at Yammer.

Yammer was looking to continue their leadership and dominance in the “Social” Private Network space from their 200,000 current customers. David continues by saying “We were undergoing a change in our business model from the “free” to “premium” and needed the best enterprise sales talent on the market to convey this message. Expansion of the US Sales force was the natural extension for our company’s evolution and lifecycle.
I trusted SER and they came through in a very big way as a strategic partner to Yammer.”