Alfresco and SER join together to build “Social” sales force

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Alfresco and SER join together to build “Social” sales force.

Alfresco Software, a Social Content Management software firm with more than 3000 customers, was looking to expand their field sales organization.  After exhausting their internal network of candidates, they partnered with SER to build the best Social sales force around.  “We engaged SER to assist with mission critical field sales roles in various cities in the US including NY and SF.  They did an outstanding job of prescreening, internally validating, and landing us the best candidates on the market,” said Martin Musierowicz, GM Americas at Alfresco.

Another critical role came up on the leadership team and again Alfresco turned to SER as a trusted partner.  Martin continues by saying, “We were looking for a strategic sales leader in SF and once again, SER delivered by locating our new VP Sales US.  They brought us one of the top sales executives in our industry, who was validated by both SER and Alfresco’s Founders.  By executing on these critical searches, we remained focused on running our business and planning for the future.  SER was very responsive, as I often communicated with Steve after hours on many occasions.  They are a valued strategic partner of Alfresco”.

Alfresco continues to look to the future for their mission of becoming the premier “Social Content Management” solution in the industry.  The growth will continue in the future in the US and abroad.  One thing is certain, that Alfresco and SER will be joined together on this journey for the long term.

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